Thursday, September 11, 2014


There's this one day, a chinese muallaf from an Islamic Chinese society came to my class. He was kinda like promoting their awareness booth regarding the war in Gaza. He kinda gave this little speech in front of our class, telling us a little bit about himself.

What amazed me the most about him is because he actually recited a verse from the holy quran, better yet he actually remembered from where the verse originated from, the verse, the surah.

And at that moment I actually had tears in my eyes. Because at that particular moment I started asking myself
"What am I doing with my life ?"

Because I was a muslim way before he is. I should also be able to at least hafal and kaitkan the verses in the Quran with our everyday life. He was, in fact has only been a muslim for 3months. Sentap? Yes indeed I am.

I know most of you akan macam " eleh dia kan nak cakap kat korang tah tah dia hafal petikan surah tu"

Well don't mind that. It's at least an effort to learn about the Quran. I mean he's just a muallaf what do you expect?

Because at that moment I realized that I should consider myself lucky, born as an Islam, and that I should really dig deep into seeking the knowledge of Islam.

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