Sunday, August 17, 2014


So it's been a while since I last updated my blog. So here it goes.

So do you ever had that feeling, that sad feeling when your bestfriend left you and you feel all alone. That time when everything was just fucking miserable and all you could ever do was scream. Yes being alone sucks. And that's where you find Allah.
You pray and hope that He will help you through all this growing up stuffs, dealing with life, friends, school and all. And you pray that He would send you a friend, friends maybe, to stick with you through everything. An angel in disguise. A friend who helped to understand the meaning of true friendship. A friend who would guide you to the better.
I am never good in making people stay with me and no matter how hard I've tried people will walk out of my life like I mean nothing to them. It just happened you know. That's the fucking truth.
But then I realized I have others. I have other people who really cared and really wanted to be a part of my life. People that I should've appreciated a long time ago but I didn't. People that are always there for me eventho I wasn't always there for them. People who will stay.

And then you feel like everything was just to late for you to make up for what they did to you.

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