Friday, September 30, 2016


U knw wht i finally know wht im gonna do with my blog.
I'm gonna do a movie review.
Yass boi, I'm gonna do an honest review of the movies that I've watched.
Drum roll please........

okay here we go. So, honestly at first I think this movie is ridiculous. I mean nobody grows younger by day. But somehow I got curious so I've decided to watch it (just bcs it aired on HBO) hahahahaha. AND GUESS WHAT, I FREAKIN LOVED IT. It's a slow paced story tho, and usually i tak minat these kind of stories bcs i tend to get really bosan, BUT NO. It's a unique story about life and love (and BRAD PITT OMG he's so hawt, and cate blanchett!! So lawa i cannot). It has so many life lessons in it, and to me it's a deep movie and I connect with it really well. I cried watching it bcs I don't know¿ it has lines like ;

"Everyone is meant to lose someone they love, how else would you know how much they mean to you?"

Yeaaa, i know right?! So deep and meaningful and things like this is what makes me hooked up to a movie or a song. It got me thinking and throughout the movie i was like "wei deep doh" "haah ek" u knw, things like that. Oh and the love part between cate and brad, i just find it sweet and realistic idk maybe im just a sucker for meaningful shits and stuffs hahaha.

Watch ir guys seriously. BRAD PITT kot wei cmon ah.

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