Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Just finished watching lara alana on instagram. And suddenly it hit me. How carefree a baby can be.
You know, the moment your mom gave birth to u they were very happy. Muka semua excited je mana ada mak yang lahirkan anak muka sedih. Well for some, they gave up everything they once had just to jaga you.
Little did they know how we grow up to be.

I'm 19. And yes just like all the other teenagers out there, we sometimes fight with our mother. Okay bukan fight lah, selisih faham. But try putting yourself in their shoes for just a day. Try. Please do try. If you're reading this, them please try, seriously.
And then suddenly you rasa that its really hard to handle we teenagers ni. Semua benda kita buat kita rasa betul. They say mothers know best right? Hell yeah that's right. Kalau mak tegur sikit nanti kita kata dia tak paham kita. Kalau mak tak tegur pulak nanti kita salahkan dia, or worst kita cakap dia tak sayang kita. Wow, its amazing how we really have the ability to always blame our mothers.

To do good, is hard. You understand this, kan? I feel guilty if I do wrong to my mother, but I still want it to be my way. To do good is really hard tho, may Allah forgive us.

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