Tuesday, March 24, 2015


I started questioning things. You know, why this and not that. Why I ever chose what I choose now. Truth is, you never know. You're not gonna find the answer. Not without u failing exams or tak dapat 4 flat and all.

I've always wanted to believe those stories, how people yang dulu tak straight a's or repeat sem, how they ended up being someone. How they ended up being respected for what they are now, not bcs kau dpt 4 flat or straight a's.

Truth is, who cares kau dapat straight a's ke tak? Bcs in the end if you're livin your life being so bangga kau dapat straight a's, then you'll never succeed. You'll never get the dream job you've always wanted. It doesn't matter lah weh. What matters most is your drive, your passion towards your ambition.

But then again, what if your ambition, your so-called-perfect course yang kau ambik is the one bringing you down? What if baru now you realise that what you've been wanting to be, is the wrong choice? Then what?

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